What are football odds?

The odds are the odds of each team or athlete in a sports bet. They represent the probabilities of each possible outcome in a match or competition.

Each possible outcome (home win, draw, visitor triumph, and so on) has its odd published by the bookmaker. Based on this number, the bettor can choose which is the best guess option for each match. It’s all about risk and return – the more unlikely the outcome, the bigger your profit.

The easiest way to understand what odds are and how they work is to observe them in practice. Enter a betting site and see the table of a round of the Brasileirão. You will notice that the favorites have lower odds and the underdogs, or underdogs, have higher odds. If you choose the favorite, the chance of winning is high, but the profit is smaller. If you go for the underdog, the chance of winning is small, but the profit is greater. That simple.

You may be wondering: who determines these odds? Well, bookmakers have people hired specifically for that. Based on the most diverse factors – field command, historical background, campaign in the competition, among others –, they calculate the probabilities and establish the odds of each team in each confrontation.

Learning to choose the most advantageous odds is the first big challenge for anyone who wants to become a successful bettor. You can be more conservative and place your chips only on the fired favourites. In this case, however, your profit margin will always be very small.

The big trick is to identify the most attractive quotes in less predictable confrontations. If you manage to nail the outcome of the match, your profit margin will be much higher. Not to mention the zebras. If you have the nerve to invest in a surprise, you could end up multiplying your investment. It all depends on how much you’re willing to risk – and how much you’ve developed your insight and knowledge.

Learn to use expert predictions

As much as you are a well-informed fan, it is impossible to keep up with all the news about a championship. You can even know all the squads, watch different matches and know which teams are going through the best moment, but there is always some additional information that can help when making a guess.

Embezzlement due to injury or suspension, a very favorable record for a particular team, calendar conflicts that can force the coach to spare his main athletes… There are several variables that must be taken into account when choosing the favorite in a given match.

That’s where football experts’ hunches come in . They help you to see all the factors that may influence your decisions, increasing the chance of success of your guesses. It’s not about putting aside your own knowledge and your own sensitivity about the games you want to invest in. The guess is yours and the choice must be made by you. Knowing different perspectives, however, is one of the keys to the success of the best bettors.

You can disagree with the experts’ hunches, this is more than natural. Even in these cases, evaluating their opinion is important – after all, you can weigh factors that you hadn’t taken into account when making your guess.

Do you want to follow the projections and forecasts of our experts? Follow the news of the Winner, follow our profiles on social networks and expand your repertoire and your knowledge of the most important competitions in Brazilian and international football. Your chances of making an accurate guess are sure to get higher.

Understand the most used terms in the betting universe

We have already explained what the term “odds” means, but this is not the only word you will use when you decide to dive into the world of sports betting. The glossary of terms commonly used on betting sites has many words that you may not have used before. In a short time, however, it is quite possible that they will be part of your hunch routine.

메이저사이트 of this is the term handicap . It is used in bets where positive or negative margins are added in order to balance the odds. In practice, it works like this: the bookmaker sets a minimum amount of goals for the winning team, as if the underdog already started the game with the score in his favor, while the favorite starts at a disadvantage. For the guess to be considered a winner, the final score must be favorable even after the handicap goals are deducted.

There are also terms referring to the very operation of bookmakers. The bonus , for example, is the amount offered by bookmakers to encourage the user to test the site and explore different options for guessing. It is usually calculated based on the amount of the first deposit you make when you sign up. Many bookmakers continue to offer additional bonuses to more frequent users.

Another term you need to know to understand how betting sites work is rollover . That’s because your bonus cannot be withdrawn as if it were cash, at your disposal to do whatever you want. The amount granted by the bookmaker to encourage the user to start playing is linked to some rules, and the rollover refers to the minimum number of guesses you need to make before being able to withdraw the money obtained from the bonus bets.

And juice , do you know what it is? Well, that’s the percentage an internet bookmaker receives for every bet that is placed on their website. That margin is what keeps betting sites going. It usually varies between 5% and 10%.

The best championships for you to make your guess

The best bookmakers on the internet offer the possibility to place your chips in all national and international football leagues and championships . That’s right: if you prefer to place your guess in a regional competition (Nordestão, for example) or in a lower division (such as the Brasileirão Series B, C and D), the most complete betting sites offer what you are looking for. .

In the same way, continental tournaments, such as the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League , also reserve great possibilities for profit – in addition to the additional challenge of choosing winners in clashes between teams from different leagues, which always represents an additional difficulty, even for the gamblers with higher hit rates.
And what is the best option for me?

For many people, betting on the club or championship closest to their day-to-day is the best option. It makes sense: you follow the news closely, you know all the opponents well, and therefore you can make a guess with a better chance of success. On the other hand, other bettors prefer not to mix fans (and club preference) with hunch – and choose to place their chips in major European football competitions, for example.

In this case, a great advantage is the wealth of information available about each competition. Let’s say you want to bet on an English Premier League match , one of the most disputed and evenly matched championships on the planet. In this case, the best betting sites offer extensive statistical data for you to back up your guess with a lot of information.

In addition, leagues such as La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France) and Serie A (Italy) often offer numerous options for guessing, increasing your chances of success.

Do you think PSG will be unbeatable in France with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé? Then you can make your investment in a long-term bet on Ligue 1. It is also possible to put your chips in the artillery of the competition, investing from now on an outcome that will only be known months later. There are countless chances for you to profit and have fun.

Main types of football bets

Moneyline: It is very likely that you started to get interested in football betting through this tip format. There is no middle ground here: you need to decide who will win the match (or if it will end in a draw). A classic guess, simple and fun.
Double Chance: Another very easy bet type. Also known as double chance or double chance, it determines that you bet on two of the three possible outcomes – home team win and draw, for example. You win if either of the two results are confirmed.
Draw cancels bet ( draw no bet , or DNB: another nice variation, where you choose the winner of a match and, if it’s a tie, the bet is void, with your money being returned. Good choice to reduce your risk margin.
Both mark: The name already makes everything clear. You put your chips on whether both teams score or not. It doesn’t matter who wins or if there’s a tie: if you hit whether or not both score, the return is guaranteed.
Goal totals : Here your guess refers to the number of goals scored in a match, regardless of who scored.
Handicap: this one is for those who like more elaborate guesses. The term refers to bets where positive or negative margins are added to balance odds. The bookmaker sets a minimum number of goals for the winning team, as if the underdog started the duel with the score in his favor; the favorite starts at a disadvantage. For the guess to be a winner, the final score must be favorable even after the handicap goals are deducted.
Outrights, or future bets: This is the preferred bet for those who want to hit who will be the champion of a tournament, or who will be the top scorer, for example. In it, you try to guess who will be the winner of the league or championship, for example, and hope that this prediction is confirmed at the end of the dispute. One of the types of bets that offer better returns.

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