How does a bookmaker work and why is it a profitable business

What is a bookmaker and what does it do

Bookmakers accept bets and pay out winnings according to the odds in case of correct predictions of the players . If the forecast is erroneous (for example, a player bet on the victory of the first team in a football match, and the second team won), the company keeps his money. This is the main source of income for such organizations, but there are others.
What is the difference between online and offline betting shops

If we talk about how online bookmakers work, then they have a website where a client can register, replenish an account, make a bet and withdraw winnings. Offline, they are a network of PPPs (betting shops) where a bettor can come and perform the same tasks. Most companies work in both modes, such as, for example, Parimatch, Liga Stavok, the same Bizon and many others.

What kind of people work there and why?

The bookmakers have the following employees:

– Analysts – people who evaluate the probability of a particular outcome of the match and give odds. The latter are calculated very simply – 100 must be divided by the probability. For example, if the analysts determined that the first team had a 70% chance of beating the second, then in odds it would be 100/70=1.42.

– Marketers – are engaged in advertising and promotion of the bookmaker’s brand on the Internet and offline.

– Developers, designers, product specialists – are working on the creation and continuous improvement of the site.

– Security guards (officially “security service”) – are needed to monitor if players are breaking the rules and are not engaging in fraudulent activities. 메이저사이트 are blocked.

– Support service – helps bettors solve their problems related to the activities of the bookmaker and answers their questions.

– Lawyers, financiers – make sure that the company complies with all legal requirements. The financiers do the bookkeeping.
Working conditions

The conditions for running such a business are extremely difficult, especially in Russia and some other countries of the former USSR. First you need to get a license, which can be difficult. Then you need to overcome high competition. And you will have to invest a large amount right away, since you need to find and hire high-quality employees listed above. Nevertheless, you can earn millions from your company.

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